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Build ur own: Wu Tang Soap Bar Gift Box

Build ur own: Wu Tang Soap Bar Gift Box

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Celebrating all things NYC & all things hip-hop, I present to you...tWUmeric, Lemon Haze, Activated Charcoal, Oatmeal, Lemon & lavender Wu-Bars of soap!

**You will receive your choice of

Wu symbol color

Wu symbol size

Full bars

symbols only


(2) 4oz. Wu bars plus 1 small face & 1 large body bar with Activated charcoal backing PLUS 1 scrubby soap bag or ceramic dish.

4 Wu-Tang symbol only  2 Lemon Haze tWUrmeric yellow AND 2 activated charcoal black bars PLUS 1 soap bag or ceramic dish.


Turmeric powder gives the bars their signature OG Wu Tang symbol color
Hemp Seed Oil
Apricot Seed Oil
A special blend of citrus & spice oils that give each bar a mild floral, lemony & light musk scent

Activated charcoal bars and made with the same ingredients as turmeric symbols with a different blend of acne controlling oils.

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