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Wall Street Rich Bruja Set

Wall Street Rich Bruja Set

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Want to bring more luck, money & an abundance of everything good into your life?

Looking for new opportunities to grow, promote in your career, level up your professional life or turn your creative passions in a money making side hustle or empire?!?

I gotchu!

Introducing the Supernatural Wall Street Rich 22 oz. hand poured soy candle infused with a woodsy blend of abundance manifesting essential fragrance oils & sprinkled with cinnamon for attracting wealth!

You will also receive a palo santo luck & money bundle with dried lavender sprigs, a cinnamon stick & a money manifesting insence stick with lotus flower insence holder.

Plus a divination card for anyone interested in some guidance on manifesting abundance and wealth into their life.

Why cinnamon? Well for centuries, this common, everyday spice has been used to attract good luck and fortune, financial wellness, greater opportunities and better job options in addition to removing negative energies and being a magnet for positive ones.

Why palo santo? Palo santo is a sweet, aromatic ‘holy wood’ used to promote positive energy, raise your vibration, and enhance creativity. The smoke from the palo santo wood is used in the same way you would use sage for smudging or burning incense. Synonomous with healing and good fortune… use it to start your workday, to help bring in creativity, positivity and a feeling of calm. The relaxing, sweet aroma used in intention setting rituals makes palo santo a magical addition to your day.

Why Lavender? Around the globe, lavender is planted to attract luck, good fortune and has been associated with amplifying protection from bad energies. 

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